It's that time of year when we're hearing tiny feet scurry through the walls.  And, unfortunately, we may be seeing some of their droppings too.  Yes, mice love to come into our homes where it's nice and warm.  I'm not a fan of mice, as you know from previous blog posts.  But I am kind of fascinated by what they decide to eat when they're visiting.

I'll never forget picking up a giant chocolate bar that I got for Christmas.  It had been sitting under the tree with some other gifts I hadn't put away yet.  The whole corner piece had been devoured by a little mouse.

At my friends' home, a critter ransacked a box of Weetabix cereal, imported from England, yet the mouse left the locally purchased Cheerios alone.

Some rather unusual items have been eaten by other friends' mice:

  • rug
  • vinyl pool cover
  • ant traps
  • cedar shake siding

Care to add to that list of strange things that a mouse got into at YOUR place?


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