I am getting eaten alive right now.

The biting flies have officially arrived at the beaches of Ocean County, and it's one of the most annoying parts of trying to enjoy the outdoors here.

When it comes to the flies and the messy, irritating seagulls, it could be a tossup as to which is worse.

The seagulls are scavengers who make a mess wherever they find the opportunity to score some free food (and the "mess" that comes after a big meal, too). Anywhere you find garbage cans on the beaches and boardwalks, the seagulls are sure to flock around and chase away beachgoers.

But those flies!

There are few things worse than laying out on the sand enjoying the Jersey Shore summer, or in my case sitting in our beachfront studio working, and having your zen interrupted by the sharp stinging sensation of getting bitten repeatedly.

If you had to pick the worse of two pretty awful evils, which is the absolute worst? Comment below and feel free to vent!

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