Was your Ocean County neighborhood buzzed by a low flying helicopter today?



No, it wasn't a police manhunt or a super secret CIA mission, it was something much simpler that is meant to make our lives a little more comfortable.

The Ocean County Mosquito Extermination Commission is back at it, as they continue their mission of helping our area lower the mosquito population, especially after this unusually rainy past week.

The commission is constantly keeping an eye on conditions, and when they spot areas of concern, they send the 'copter out to spread larvicide pellets.

It's not an aerosol spray, so no need to worry about inhaling chemicals, but dry pellets that they drop into areas where mosquitos breed, like marshes and other areas with standing water, which Ocean County has a lot of following days of almost constant rain over the past week.

You can read more about the Ocean County Mosquito Extermination Commission by clicking here to read about my conversation from last spring with Superintendent Mike Romanowski.



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