Today's blog post is a mixed bag as I have a little bit to say about a few different topics.

First of all, I hope you're safe and dry.  What a day, huh?   But it was a nice surprise that yesterday turned out as nice as it did.

Unfortunately I did not take full advantage of the weather.  Instead, I stayed in my basement and gave it a good cleaning.  As I was moving some things around, I saw a dead mouse.  I yelped, jumped back, and basically got frozen with fear.  I am kind of embarrassed that I had such a reaction.  I mean, my brain knows that I was not in any danger.  The mouse was tiny.  And it couldn't move or hurt me in any way.  Why was I so freaked out?  I wonder if this is some kind of instinct related to the way we humans are wired?  Or is it cultural conditioning?  Are you freaked out by mice too?

Speaking of animals, my dog did NOT want to go on her walk this morning.  The rain was so heavy that I had to lure her with a treat and then hold an umbrella over her!  I have never done that before.  Have you?  I don't want to set a precedent and spoil her but I'm happy to say it worked and she took care of business.  The things we do for our pets...

Finally, it's National Left Handers Day.  The organizer's website suggests that we Righties try doing some every day tasks with our opposite hand today.  It should help us empathize with how dexterous Lefties are forced to be living in this Right Handed World.  I am going to try some things and will report back tomorrow.  With my left hand I will fill and pour a kettle, push buttons on the microwave, and stir food in pans.