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Looking at higher education options for the fall? Well, Ocean County College has now made their fees easier to look over, as tuition at OCC now includes books and most fees.

Many prospective students are undecided about college in the fall, but with an easier dollar calculation, it may be easier to see if being a Viking is for you.

Beginning fall 2020, OCC will bundle books and electronic course materials, as well as college and student fees, into the total cost of tuition. Students will also no longer pay a Student Fee, Tech Fee, IMAT, or registration fee.

This new tuition structure will save students a significant amount of time, money, and energy. In fall 2019, the average full-time OCC student paid over $550 for books and electronic course material. Under the new model, students will save more than 50%.

For more information, visit go.ocean.edu/FallTuition.

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