Making it easier to transfer, that's the idea behind the Dual Admission & Transfer Agreement between Ocean County College and Stockton University.

According to Ocean County College, the five year "Transfer Pathways" agreement strengthens the relationship between OCC & Stockton University by offering multiple opportunities for students to seamlessly pursue associate and bachelor's degrees at the two institutions of higher education.

According to Dr. Jon Larson, President of Ocean County College, “Ocean County College transfer students have a long record of academic success at Stockton University.  This partnership is an important step to ensure a smooth transition for our students attending both institutions as they work to earn two degrees.”

I feel that this is an important measure, because it should be easy! Students (Parents) are "PAYING" for this education and there should not be obstacles when it comes to "accredited" institutions. How often have we seen or had credits (classes) that wouldn't transfer from one college to another. Why don't they? Is the course not legitimate at one school so the other doesn't accept it? Does one college have different rules? Does the Student/Parent get a refund from the college that charged them for the class, when it doesn't hold up to another schools standards?

Hopefully moving forward colleges will know what courses are useless and void them from being used, unless given free maybe?

Here are terms of the agreement provided to us by Ocean County College:

  • Students who are denied direct admission to Stockton as a freshman applicant can receive conditional dual admission in partnership with Ocean County College. Students will attend classes at OCC but have access to campus activities and student groups at Stockton and receive a special Stockton Identification card through Stockton’s Transfer Pathways program.
  • Students already enrolled at OCC can apply for conditional acceptance to Stockton while continuing to work towards their associate’s degree, and be assured of acceptance prior to the term in which they are ready to transfer.
  • Students who successfully complete their associate degree at Ocean County College can automatically transfer to Stockton with junior standing to complete their bachelor’s degree. Application fees to Stockton will be waived for eligible students.
  • Students who complete at least 36 credits at OCC, and a total of 64 credits between the county college and the four-year institution, are eligible to receive a retroactive associate degree from OCC. Stockton and OCC will co-host “reverse transfer” information sessions for students.
  • Stockton and OCC will develop specific program-to-program articulation agreements for high-demand majors to facilitate the quality and ease of transfer.
  • Students will receive joint advising from Stockton and OCC and a Stockton advisor will have office space and a regular schedule at OCC.
  • Students will be eligible for financial aid from whichever institution they are attending. Stockton will provide five one-year scholarships of $2,000 per year to OCC graduates whose admission to Stockton is covered by the agreement.
  • Stockton and OCC will establish an advisory committee to ensure best practices in recruitment, enrollment management, academic and student services, information technology, marketing and facilities use.


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