"We will no longer judge our candidates on their outward physical appearance" ~ Former Miss America Gretchen Carlson

It was announced this week that the Miss America Pageant, based here in New Jersey, will no longer include the "swimsuit" category in the Annual event in Atlantic City. Former Miss America Gretchen Carlson, who is chair of the organization's Board of Trustees, said the judges will be more interested in what the women say about their social impact initiatives.

So this brings up the conversation as to whether viewers are pleased with this move? Is Miss America a "beauty pageant" or "talent show" or a "philanthropic" initiative? If it is a "beauty pageant" should contestants be ashamed of their bodies? Is it wrong to see a woman in a bathing suit? The pageant is based in a "seaside" city with beach-goers right outside boardwalk hall hitting the beach and yes wearing swimsuits.

In my opinion ... If your removing "beauty" from the contest, then do it and become more of a 'philanthropic" contest and have contestants who are doing just that and not based on any "beauty" elements ... no evening gown, no waving and strolling like models. Be one thing and not a jumbled bunch of categories ... make sense? What is Miss America?

So do you agree with this move or could you care less?



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