We are recognizing Ocean County women who make a difference with 92.7 WOBM's Woman of the Week!

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photo courtesy of Kathy, Sharon's friend

We honored another Woman of the Week, our WOW here at 92.7 WOBM - Sharon Herbert of Bayville. Her friend Kathy nominated her and here's what she had to say about her friend Sharon:

Sharon is a pillar of the community ... from a very young age she started caring for and helping others ..She would literally give anyone the shirt off her back ...She is so nice her friendly demeanor just makes you want to be around her ..She is a life long Ocean County Resident ..She could be the mayor lol . She literally knows everyone and just a smile from her face lights up your day... Sharon is a 9 year Army Veteran .. She is Confident .. She is full of Pride . She is an Amazing Human being inside and out ...Sharon has one true Love in her life Her Puppy Dog ..Who is named Princess Marie ... Sharon rescued her from an abusive situation , has given this puppy such love .. the puppy needs more surgery to fix 2 bad ACL ruptures ... the first surgeries have been unsuccessful ...Sharon leaves for work 3 am or earlier every day to catch a bus to work rides the dirty stinky smelly hot bus all thru this covid .sometimes she works higher than 60 or 70 floors ... She has a very important job to make sure all work is being performed safely .. to keep the public .. her crew .. and the structure safe ... She hardly has time to do anything for herself ... after Walking blocks to get to a bus or running to just catch the bus ...Working in what is considered a mans World ,Sharon not only kicks ass .. she does it better than most ...she takes the bus and after the long exhausting ride home she gets in her horribly hot car .. sometimes she has the energy to stumble into a convenience store for a cold drink ... She finally gets home to her Puppy Dog .. takes her for a walk let’s her exercise her legs and do her stretches and she puts her in cool water and stretches out her ligaments and tendons ... she gets her baby home and constantly talks and massages and shows such caring and love for a dog that I’ve ever seen displayed by anyone ...Sharon is a health and s afety engineer who works on superstructures in the hot summer heat .. in the snow ice and cold ..she is truly fearless..if she sees homeless or hungry she gives them food or finds them shelter She protects ...and her heart is just as pure as a child’s ..She has not had an easy life ... nor does she ever ask anyone for nothing ... all she knows how to do is give .... thanks for taking the time to do this it’s a wonderful idea ....

Congratulations, Sharon. It feels so good to recognize the women who go above and beyond to make an impact here in Ocean County. If you know someone who should be our next WOW (Woman of the Week) nominate them on the 92.7 WOBM App!


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