I didn't even realize until I was doing paperwork that it was exactly six months to the day from the time that my condo flooded to the time that the repair work was officially completed.

For a little background you can click here to read about when I came home to my newly bought condo's ground floor flooded.

The process since then has been painful to say the least - bureaucracy, mistakes, miscommunication, and in some cases straight up incompetence stretched the process out over half of a year.

Now, I do have to give credit to my contractors - they were fantastic. When the paperwork was finally all in order, the actual work was completed in literally two weeks, with both my carpet contractor and general contractor starting work immediately and doing wonderful work.

So without further ado, here are the before and after pictures (be sure to pay special attention to the absolutely stunningly attractive wallpaper that someone, at some point in time, actually decided to attach to the bathroom walls):