"Although deer-vehicle collisions are a year-round issue, keep in mind spring and fall are peak times for deer-related accidents. October through December is prime deer mating and migrating season, so drivers should be more alert doing these months" ~ Google 

Motorists in Ocean County are urged to keep an eye out for deer as it's now peak season in Ocean County. Peak season for deer is now through December from dusk to dawn.

Deer accidents cost motorists millions of dollars every year and can be very serious. Use caution especially on wooded roadways.

Just this morning I encountered numerous deer along the roadway, so keep your eyes on the road and be safe. According to Cascade Collision here are a few things to remember if you do strike a deer:

1. Get the car off the roadway, but leave your hazard lights on.
2. Call the police and get a report filed as you would with any other accident, especially if the animal’s body is blocking traffic, or if there is vehicle or property damage.
3. Stay away from a downed deer. They are wild animals and it might be wounded. Flailing legs and hooves can hurt you.
4. Check your car. Collision with a full-grown deer might cause damage that makes your car unsafe to drive.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that there are about one million car crashes annually that involve deer, killing about 200 people in the process. In comparison, sharks kill about one person a year and bears about 28 in the past decade. The lesson is clear.

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