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Applaud Our Kids
Applaud Our Kids




Saturday, May 16th 

11 am to 5:10 pm 

This is a great opportunity if you have kids at home who love dance to be a part of this FREE "virtual" dance convention right from your home. Zzak G Applaud Our Kids Foundation will be hosting and it will feature numerous local dance studios including:

  • Broadway Bound Dance Centre
  • Spotlight Academy of Dance
  • Evolution Dance and Performing Arts Academy
  • Emotion in Motion Dance and Performing Arts Center
  • Grace In Motion School of Dance
  • Dancing Through Life
  • Downtown Dance Academy

The day will also feature special guests including:

  • Gianna Martello from Dance Moms
  • Jamie Goodwin from So You Think You Can Dance
  • Deborah Mitchell Founder/Artistic Director NJTAP Dance Ensemble
  • Kristin Piro from Broadway NYC
  • Tim McGarrigal actor/director

Visit www.applaudourkids.org for more information.

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