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As a father and health care executive for 35 years, I am alarmed at the vaping epidemic, especially among our children and believe we must take an aggressive, multi-targeted approach’’ ~ Robert C. Garrett, CEO of Hackensack Meridian Health.

It's programming geared at alerting high school students to the dangers of vaping. Hackensack Meridian Health  is awarding their "Take Vape Away" grant awards.

Pinelands Regional High School  in Little Egg Harbor has been awarded one of the grants, Pinelands plans on making ongoing education available to students on the issue of the dangers of vaping .... using a health curriculum and providing activities at school.



Pinelands High School will also install "vape sensors" in locker rooms and bathrooms throughout the campus.

The Hackensack Meridian Health "Take Vape Away" Grant is worth $2,800 to the school.


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