According to the New York Giants, the team announced they will be benching Eli Manning and replacing him with Geno Smith.

Let me first say that I have been a harsh critic of Eli at times, but this move is just another in a series of bad coaching moves by Ben McAdoo, a coach who has been a complete trainwreck. This is a bad team right now due to a combination of injuries, bad performance, and bad coaching ... not Eli's fault. The offensive line is awful, we have lost all our starting receivers and we have no running game. What QB would look spectacular under these conditions?

So now McAdoo has decided to break Eli's game streak and replace him with Geno Smith, who was basically brought up as a back-up in case of injury and is NOT the future QB, while rookie Davis Webb sits the bench. Put the rookie in and see what he can do! Geno Smith is the wrong choice. If you're gonna bench Eli, why not see what the rookie can do? It worked for the Yankees! But are you surprised by yet another horrible Coaching/GM decision by this current staff? I'm not! McAdoo says at some point Webb will play, but I say put him in. Go with the kid and see if you need to draft a QB and skip the Geno Smith experiment.

This season is over and the Giants are done, but breaking Eli's streak and making him the scapegoat is wrong! It's time to reevaluate the coach and GM, and start fresh by building an offensive line, finding a number one running back and deciding which rookie is the next Giants QB, but forget the Geno Smith experiment... New York has already seen that!

Eli Manning is our starter for better or worse and unless you're gonna give Webb a shot, keep Eli in and maybe bench McAdoo!

Agree or Disagree?  Talk amongst yourselves...

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