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Time to enjoy some outdoor time with fresh air and sunshine. Governor Murphy (Daily Record) announced on Wednesday that State and County parks may re-open this Saturday, May 2nd.

If you are going to head out to a park this weekend remember the parking will only be at 55% and when you park, give some space between you and others. Of course make sure you are socially distancing and being courteous to others.

If we are going to being getting back out and about we need to take responsibility for ourselves, be courteous of others space, practice good hygiene and if you do feel ill STAY HOME! The more we take responsibility for ourselves the quicker things can get back to normal. DO THE RIGHT THING

Some County parks may opt to wait to re-open and beaches are up to the individual municipality .... whether to re-open or not. Remember beaches are also a place we need to take responsibility and practice social distancing along with courteous behavior. If you haven't learned how to act at a public beach....now is the time, plenty of YouTube videos on "how to act at the beach." Golf courses around the State will also have the option of re-opening.

We don't want to stay in our homes forever so let's start our "new order" by having consideration for each other and using proper techniques (masks, social distancing, hygiene etc etc) so we don't have to see this type of situation again in our lifetime.



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