Recently we have heard a lot of "terrible" animal stories, but I thought I'd share a "good" one. A story involving a family of ducks, a good neighbor and the help of area First Responders.

My Wife was heading into work this past week when she spotted a commotion on the roadway. Apparently a resident spotted a "Duck" in the road refusing to give way to oncoming traffic, so the motorist stopped to see what the emergency was and help save our feathered friend.

Usually a "Duck" would move and get out of the way of on-coming traffic, but this bird wouldn't budge!  So the motorist knew something must be wrong. Upon further inspection it turned out that Mom had several chicks in the storm drain, they had accidentally been swept into the drain after a rain storm and Mom wasn't about to leave them behind.

First responders from Little Egg Harbor and Tuckerton were quick on the scene and ready to lend a helping hand. Police and Firefighters were able to reach the baby ducks and remove them safely! Saving the day for "Momma Duck".

Officials then relocated Mom and her babies to a nice wetland section of the Township with minimal traffic and DRAINS ....Of course I'm telling you this story "second hand" so I hope the details are pretty much spot on, on the events of that morning.

and everyone lived happily ever after ~ THE END

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