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Shawn Michaels

It’s ironic, don’t ya think, that it’s Halloween season and these critters are popping up everywhere. Are you seeing more spiders around your home?

These ugly bugs do make for great decor during Halloween season as they spin their webs and dangle about. The spider you see here belongs to a group of spiders known as orb-weavers. After doing a little research it turns out these type of spiders hardly ever bite and their bite is non-toxic. They do bite other bugs and for that folks, we're saying to keep these spiders and leave them alone. To be honest I just don’t want to run into their webs and have them on my head! So as long as they stay clear, I will as well.

I took this spider picture at my home. It is a “spotted orb” and although he looks like a killer, he was more afraid of me than I was of him. Usually, these “spotted orb-weavers” are found near outdoor lighting. I guess they are not stupid because those lights draw in a lot of critters to eat. The orb-weavers are usually most present in late summer and early fall, so this is peak season for our hairy friends.

They do add to a spooky outdoor look for Halloween, so leave them be and let them eat up the last of your yard bugs, and then they’ll be gone in time for Christmas.

Have you spotted any around your home? If you took a pic share it with us.

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