Ticks at the Shore!
It is that time of year ... "Tick Season" and this year officials are warning it could be a big year for the bugs! As I mentioned in  my latest blog "Hiking New Jersey" we did encounter ticks so now is a good time to pick hiking and outdoor play areas that ha…
Summer Pet-Peeves?
It's Summertime here at the Jersey Shore and we want to know what "annoys" you most during summer? In a recent survey of "Air BnB's" the #1 summer complaint is "noise" and "trash" was #2 .... so we wanna see what YOU t…
Are Jersey’s Bugs Bugging You Or Not?
This married couple that I know are having a bit of a conflict over bugs.  They have a bunch of carpenter bees buzzing around their doorway.  They're seeing dead bees on the ground (apparently the bees are territorial, having a bit of a turf war...
Where Are All The Cicadas?
A couple of months ago we were being warned of a deafening cacophony from the impending 17 year cicada invasion. So far, the only thing deafening in Ocean County is the silence.

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