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It may be one of my favorite things at Christmas, the iconic Christmas cookie. My belt may not like it, but I sure do. Christmas cookies are tradition and many families have their personal favorites. For me it's April’s peanut butter cookies and the good old sugar cookie. Simple cookies but so good with a hot cup of coffee. The nights when baking takes place prior to Christmas are always not to be missed. The smell and the taste testing are a labor of love.

I honestly think a nice tin of homemade Christmas cookies is a great gift and yes I accept lol.

We asked our fantastic 92.7 WOBM listeners to tell us their favorites on Facebook:

  • Littany: Gingerbread cookies even though I feel guilty biting their heads of hahahahaha
  • Sharon: Chocolate chip
  • Janet: My grandmothers home made butter cookies
  • Carly: Brown butter gingerbread
  • Win: Spritz
  • Donna: Pheffernuese (spelling???)
  • Gretchen: Snickerdoodles
  • Darrin: Date Bars
  • Nancy: Snowball cookie
  • Bud: Oatmeal raisin
  • Ellen: Gevulde boterkoek (almond filled butter cookies - Dutch specialty ... and yes, I make them every year!) ... 🙂
  • TJ: Italian cookies and Rainbow cookies

There were a lot more suggestions, but those are a good sample of what cookies people are craving.



We would love to get recipes for some great Christmas cookies that you would like to share. Send them to us and we will share with our listeners. You can send in ”appchat” on the 92.7 WOBM 


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