Tonight is "mischief night" and for many, we remember toilet paper in the trees and soap on the windows. In today's world you may not see as much mischief, but hopefully, if you do it's good-natured "harmless" fun.

Here's our guide to help you get through "mischief night" 2018:

  • Outside lights - Keep as many of your outdoor lights on to light up your property.
  • Parking - Park your vehicles as close to your home and off the street.
  • Pets - Make sure you keep your pets from being scared if kids are out and about the neighborhood.
  • Vehicles - Make sure your cars are locked tonight.
  • Move items inside if you can, such as bikes, lawn gnomes or potted plants.
  • Bring trash cans in

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What will you do to keep the "TP" out of your trees? 

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