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So many local businesses have had very hard times during the Coronavirus Pandemic and for some it means an end to their local business. Some businesses have been able to adapt during COVID while others have not been able to and due to lack of business, they have become casualties of COVID.

Another local business that has become the latest casualty of COVID is the ShowRoom Cinemas in Asbury Park and Bradley Beach. In a recent Asbury Park Sun article the ShowRoom Cinemas announced that they will not re-open.

“It was a very difficult decision, but the reality is that we’re sinking under the weight of debt from being closed for six months,” said co-founder Michael Sodano

Both locations, Asbury Park and Bradley Beach, were closed on March 16th in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. On Labor Day weekend, Governor Murphy granted Garden State movie theaters permission to reopen at 25 percent capacity with three days notice, which was not enough time for the independently run business to affect the changes necessary to restart movies on the big screen.

“With 25 percent capacity and 100 percent expenses, the numbers just didn’t make any sense,” said co-founder Michael Sodano

The ShowRoom in Asbury Park has been in business since 2009, and developed a loyal audience for independent film over 11 years. The Bradley Beach ShowRoom was opened in May of 2019 after 7 months of renovation.

"We thank our loyal staff and devoted audiences for their support these past 11 years.” ~ Co-Founder Nancy Sabino 

We will miss this and other local businesses that have been hit very hard during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

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