The 13th child of Mrs. Leed
Was the jersey devil’s seed
Fearsome teeth and monster clawed
The creature stood at 6ft broad
Cloven hoved and killer’s red
With a wingspan of a 9 foot spread!
In the Pine Barrens he does lurk
devours all with quite the smirk
poultry, bovine, and human alike
nothing escapes his eagle’s sight
a horse shaped head with horn framed eyes
if you see them it means your demise
the oldest demon of the new world
in the 19th century this tale first unfurled
if you meet this devil in the night
I hope you can run at the speed of light
For if he catches you in his claws
Do not think you’ll be spared his mighty jaws
He’ll bite off your head and slurp up your blood
Your limp lifeless body will hit the ground with a thud
So if you see the 13th child of Mrs. Leed
You have been warned please do take heed. 
About The Jersey Devil - Poem by Lara wolf                        

This past weekend we went on a "Ghost Walk" .... a guided tour of Historic Smithville with tales of the Jersey Devil and the Ghosts that make their home there. It was a really nice way to spend a warm summer night and take in a little New Jersey history as well. Now although we did not actually see Mrs Leeds Son "Jimmy" aka the Jersey Devil it was a fun time. I found myself looking in the windows of the old shops there trying to catch a glimpse of a ghost! The cemetery was very spooky as night fell .......

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