Have You Ever Had A Paranormal Experience?
Halloween in Ocean County means a few things - neighborhoods coming together to throw parties, families dressing up and going door to door, and of course one of the biggest Halloween parades in the country.
But it also makes some think about ghostly experiences that may not have been all fun and game…
Have A Question For Psychic Barbara Mackey?
Through her many years as a Psychic, Barbara has been able to realize her dream of helping people by using her gift to read clients. Now numbering in the thousands, they report startling accuracy in her detailed readings. Barbara’s work is holistic in nature, unlike other clairvoyant…
Is This Real Video Of A Poltergeist?
As we get closer to Halloween, it definitely seems like a lot of strange things have been happening lately. And apparently it's not just around here, if this video from Ireland is to be believed.
A Walk with Ghosts
The 13th child of Mrs. Leed
Was the jersey devil’s seed
Fearsome teeth and monster clawed
The creature stood at 6ft broad
Cloven hoved and killer’s red
With a wingspan of a 9 foot spread!
In the Pine Barrens he does lurk
devours all with quite the smirk
poultry, bovine, and human alike
nothing esc…
An Unexpected Apparition Appears In This Selfie [Photos]
We've seen this a few times before - where someone innocently takes a photo and is surprised (and a bit spooked) when they look back at the photo. That's exactly what happened here when Bethany Harvey took a selfie with her little nephew. But when they looked back at the photo, they were s…
Watch - Do You Think This Paranormal Video Is Real?
So this video allegedly shows a husband goofing around with his wife - good-naturedly teasing her while she's taking a shower. She gets out of the shower and tells him to stop filming while he laughs. On the surface, it's just a cute couple goofing around with each other. But what happens …

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