I have made it pretty well known that I don’t like Halloween and in truth don’t even consider it a holiday.

One of my main reasons is that adults more and more have taken over a day that should be reserved for kids although I have plenty of others. Here are a dozen more why I’ll be glad when October 31st is over:

Wrappers from eaten pre-Halloween candy
Wrappers from eaten pre-Halloween candy (Dan Alexander, Townsquare Media NJ)
  • The fact that Halloween “stuff” was in stores back in August.
  • Too much candy around the office and other places. I don’t need the temptation which unfortunately I often give in to.
  • Halloween decorations are for the most part pretty gross.
  • I hate any Halloween themed scary movies.
  • Costumes or lack thereof. I like the little kids who come as superheroes and princesses and things like that.  However some try and be too cute and if you have to ask what they are then it wasn’t worth the effort.  Even worse are the older kids who won’t take the time to work on a costume so they throw on a hoodie and some face paint and think that’s good enough.  It’s not!
  • While on the subject, older kid’s trick or treating. If you’re old enough to drive a car than that’s too old to go around house to house.  Stay home and hand out candy to others.
  • Frankly I question adults who really get into this…I mean go way overboard in an attempt to scare others. Makes you wonder?
  • Parents who send their child to your door with instructions to also get candy for a brother or sister who is home sick.  Really?
    1. Parents who allow their children to run on your grass instead of walking up the driveway.
    2. Those large inflatables on the lawn.
    3. Rotting pumpkins

    The good news is it will all be over in a week.  By the way the Hallmark Channel begins it’s “Countdown to Christmas” this Friday and I can’t wait.  33 new Christmas movies this year.





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