As Halloween approaches, kids throughout Ocean County will be making strategies for not only which neighborhoods to visit for the best candy, but how to best bring home the most sweets possible.

A lot of us grew up with the traditional hollow plastic jack o' lanterns, and there are always some enterprising kids who grab the biggest pillow case that they can find. But if you grew up in the Toms River area in the 70s, you very well may have had one of these:

Photo courtesy of Rowan Rose
Photo courtesy of Rowan Rose

From the very 70s illustrations to the repeated calls of "don't be a Pumpkin-Head!", it's retro gold. Just check out all of the comments on the Facebook post of people reminiscing of having these exact bags.

The bags were given out by the Dover Township Police Department, which of course doesn't exist anymore (Dover Township was absorbed by Toms River in 2006). But fortunately for us, there are a few of these still floating around in attics, basements, and garages in Ocean County!


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