Just yesterday I started to tell you about the paranormal investigation that I went on this past weekend at Asbury Park's Paranormal Books & Curiosities. Today, the owner, Kathy Kelly sent me some interesting footage off of one of her security cameras.

I had just gotten there and Kathy was giving a few of us some history behind a few of her artifacts when I heard what sounded like someone whispering loudly in my ear.

What was particularly strange about it was the fact that there was nobody standing behind me. Not just that, but the hallway behind me is a good 50 feet long or so, so people speaking outside would not have sounded like they were right behind me.

Add to that the fact that the others in the room heard it as well and you've got something compelling.

It was right after this that I started to record audio to try to catch anything further. Thankfully, Kathy has security cameras running 24/7, so the moment was caught on both video and audio.

Take a look and listen and decide for yourself:

If you missed yesterday's clip of an object moving without any obvious outside forces, just click here to check that out.

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