Last week I gave you some teases about our recent investigation of an allegedly haunted Asbury Park building. I promised to tell you the rest of the story, so here it is.

A few weeks ago, one of the online editors at our sister station NJ 101.5 reached out to me and said that one of the station's hosts wanted to see what paranormal investigating is all about and potentially stay in a haunted place by himself for a few hours.

I got in touch with my friend and fellow ghost hunter Kathy Kelly, who owns Paranormal Books & Curiosities in Asbury Park. Her building has had plenty of stories of activity, in fact, I even interviewed her at her store a number of years ago for Ocean County Paranormal.

She was gracious enough to welcome us in to her new location right next door from the former storefront and let us do our thing.

The host, Jeff Deminski of Deminski & Doyle, arrived and gave me a little background on where he's coming from with all of this. Basically, that he's had some unusual experiences that he couldn't explain easily in his life, but remains skeptical.

I told him about how I look at ghost hunting, I come from a place of being an open-minded skeptic. I won't discount another person's experiences or beliefs, but I really have to have those experiences for myself in order to really believe.

Jeff was really open-minded and eager to learn and experience for himself. We spent the first part of the night doing a normal paranormal investigation with 5 of us. In that time, we had a few interesting things happen. In fact, it all seemed to start the minute I first walked in:


Even during the time that we were all there together and I was giving Jeff a summary of some of the equipment that I like to use, things started to happen:



The odd happenings continued when the group thinned out and it was just Jeff and myself a little later in the evening:



As the night went on and the weird things continued, Jeff stuck to his guns and decided that he did indeed still want to stay there alone for a little while. Here's his video diary of his experiences:



Of course, a lot of the work also happens after an investigation ends, and I ended up with a number of EVPs ("Electronic Voice Phenomena"). In case you missed it at the top of the article, here are some of those clips again:


You can read all about Jeff's experience by clicking here for our sister station NJ 101.5.

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