I told you Monday that I tagged along with Garden State Ghost Hunters as they performed an investigation of a building on Cookman in Asbury Park said to be haunted. One of the crew, Justin Louis, used a phrase to describe himself that I would like to steal. He called himself an "open-minded skeptic." In other words he leans towards not believing in these things yet is curious enough that if he could just find some undeniable proof he'd like to see it.

That's where I stand. With all the things I've experienced in my life that seem extremely hard to explain away logically, I'm not at that point to say I actually believe in these things. Which is why I wanted to not only spend time with this crew, but why I wanted to spend the rest of the night alone in this building many swear is full of spirits. The video from my night with the crew and my time alone in this place will be up on NJ1015.com soon.

In the meantime, here are what those in the field call EVPs from that night. EVP means electronic voice phenomena. Sound recordings were made as Kathleen, the owner, walked the crew around, and also after she left and it was just the investigators doing their thing.

Listen to these EVPs and see what you think. Those who believe say these voices are always much quieter than the actual voices in the room. It is best to listen multiple times, and if you can listen with a pair of good headphones even better.

This first one is when Kathleen was showing the crew around when they first got there. You hear her saying, "Here's the lights," followed by something more, then concluding with Kathleen saying, "They're right here." But listen closely to a very dim voice that appears right before "They're right here." It sounds like a voice saying the name, "Justin." Justin is the name of one of the investigators on the crew. And no one else was talking during this time other than Kathleen.

Next there's Kathleen telling the crew about an old sofa she acquired that was made by a slave forced to do such work. Right after she says, "...they asked me to pay for shipping," there is the sound of something either warbling or singing. It's pretty impossible to miss, and there was no such sound in the room at the time. It only appears on the recording. This is in the same area of the building where a little girl once lived and who was murdered. Some on the crew hear this as the warbling, singing voice of that girl.

This one is Kathleen, the owner of the building, explaining that the renovation crews have heard unexplained footsteps. You can hear Kathleen saying, "absolutely hear footsteps above them...and below them." But listen to a dim voice right after she says the words 'above them'. It sounds like an, "Mm, hmm." Then the same dim voice right after the words 'and below them' seems to say, "Kathy." It almost sounds like her name is whispered. No one else was talking at the time.

Finally, during the actual investigation, Justin Louis is heard asking, "Is there somebody here with us?" It was only Justin and me in the building at this time. I was right at Justin's side. I can vouch that there was absolutely no sound, no response, when he asked this question. But when we played the recording back, there is a pause after his question, then a whispering voice seems to ask, "Where?"

As I said, I remain an open-minded skeptic. Although there were most definitely moments when I was alone that I heard things, felt things, but can I say it was more than empirical evidence? The video of my night alone in a haunted house will be up here on NJ1015.com in the next few days.

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