Halloween 2017

See TR South Students' Halloween Art!
It's a 70 year old tradition here in Toms River as Halloween comes around - students from Toms River High School South spend the day decorating storefronts along Main Street and Washington Street ahead of the annual Toms River Halloween Parade.
Watch - A Ghostly Voice Is Caught On Video
Just yesterday I started to tell you about the paranormal investigation that I went on this past weekend at Asbury Park's Paranormal Books & Curiosities. Today, the owner, Kathy Kelly, sent me some interesting footage off of one of her security cameras.
Paranormal Activity Caught On Tape?
In the 10 years that I've been doing paranormal investigations I've had plenty of strange experiences. Chills here, hair standing up on the back of my neck there, but this past weekend I had one of the oddest yet.
Ocean County Halloween Memories
A lot of us grew up with the traditional hollow plastic jack o' lanterns, and there are always some enterprising kids who grab the biggest pillow case that they can find. But if you grew up in the Toms River area in the 70s, you very well may have had one of these: