With the Garden State Parkway going right through the heart of Ocean County, driving is always a topic that we can discuss. (In fact, it's one that I've discussed plenty of times, especially one of my biggest pet peeves, "left lane camping").

Here's a story of a Maryland woman who received a ticket for going 63 in a 65mph zone and not keeping right.

This particular article presents the story as someone getting a ticket for going below the speed limit, but I feel like it only glosses over the more important, and dangerous, aspect of what was going on:

Yes, the driver was going below the speed limit by 2mph, but she was also traveling, not passing, in the left lane, forcing drivers who were doing the speed limit to pass on the right - which is illegal in many areas (New Jersey included).

So while this article on AOL Autos makes the motorist sound like a victim of an overzealous traffic cop, personally, I think that drivers who keep left without passing should be ticketed more often. If motorists knew that they're likely to get pulled over for "left lane camping", it would probably stop happening as often as it does on our current daily commutes.

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