It's become an all too common scene on the highways of Ocean County - You're on your way to work, running errands, or heading home for the day and a car comes whizzing by you like you're standing still. Sometimes you even admit that you're speeding, so how fast could that person have possibly been going?

As we reported on this past weekend, these incidents can end in scary scenes of twisted metal and even tragedy. As a result, some municipalities are cracking down on lead-footed drivers.

But if you spend any time on our major highways, especially our beloved Garden State Parkway, you'll notice that it seems like almost nobody actually drives the speed limit. Remember, the speed limit through the heart of Ocean County on the GSP is 55 mph (a 10 mph reduction that was made nearly 4 years ago). But honestly, how often do you see people actually driving 55 as they ironically pass by the State Police post in Toms River?

So the question today is, do you find yourself speeding on a somewhat regular basis? Don't worry, the poll is totally anonymous, but if you feel like leaving an additional comment feel free to do so in the comments section!