What is the most popular car in Ocean County?
I have been meaning to write this blog for a very long time. My opinion on this subject has changed in the past year. In 2016, I would have said that the Ford Focus was the most popular car driven throughout Ocean County. This year, I would have to say that it looks to be the Hyundai Sonata...
Commuter Update: Slow Go For Travelers at the Jersey Shore
New Jersey Transit riders will see delays beginning today (Monday) and this could spill over to the highways with some taking to their cars to avoid the delays on trains. Travelers heading to North Jersey and New York City could see major delays and re-routing issues til the end of Summer.
I Almost Got Killed On The Parkway Today
Saying, "I almost got killed" is a rather dramatic statement, and I acknowledge that fact. However, after being able to get past the adrenaline rush and panic, and really understanding what happened on my morning commute today, I think it's an appropriate sentiment.
Jersey Shore: What Was Your First Car?
This weekend I was washing my Daughters car, her first car...brought back memories of my first. My first car was a Dodge Dart lol .... Sue's was a Chevy Celebrity!
I think we all remember our first car and those summer nights taking a spin around the Jersey Shore (or wherever you grew up) …
How Not To Clean Your Car After A Snow Storm [Photo]
By now you know that one of my pet peeves this time of year is people who don't bother to clear snow off of their cars. And it's not just me, the State thinks that it's important enough to make it a law to clear all of the snow from your car before going on the road. Apparently this d…

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