No Swimsuits for Miss America! Do YOU Agree? [OPINION]
So this brings up the conversation as to whether viewers are pleased with this move? Is Miss America a "beauty pageant" or "talent show" or a "philanthropic" initiative? If it is a "beauty pageant" should contestants be ashamed of their bodies? Is it wrong to …
Is Sports Betting a Touchdown for New Jersey? [POLL]
Supporters of sports gambling were happy yesterday as the U.S. Supreme Court threw out a federal ban on sports betting and opened the door for New Jersey to begin sports betting operations here in the Garden State. Initially it will be confined to Casinos and Racetracks.
Coffee Talk: Who Has Better Coffee Wawa or McCafe? [POLL]
It's Coffee Talk! We are going to find out what coffee folks love best here at the Jersey Shore. We will have several rounds with listener votes and in the end an unofficial winner. We all love coffee so let's have some fun and let us know your favorite. Both WaWa & McCafe have locatio…

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