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Shawn and Sue's Pet of the Week "Bella"
If you met Bella the first few days she was with us, your heart would have broken. She was so scared, so confused. She sat in the corner of her run, looking down and drooling. She had never been away from home before and the shock of being turned in at 6 1/2 years old was too much for her.
Ban Candy Canes Now?
What do you see above? is it an upside down candy cane or the letter "J" ? If you see the letter "J" do you think it stands for Jesus ?
No Weed Shops in These Ocean and Monmouth County Towns
"If legalization does happen, these towns would not be able to prevent residents who are at least 21 year old from possessing small amounts of weed and using it in a private residence. But they can prevent marijuana businesses from growing and selling in their limits" NJ.Com