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What's YOUR Biggest Mid-Term Election Concern?
The big Mid-Term Elections are just around the corner and voters jave a lot to decide this November! We want to see how you feel here at the Jersey Shore, what are your biggest concerns for when you enter the ballot booth.
Haunted Seaport Starts Tonight in Tuckerton
Looking for a fantastic Halloween event for the whole Family, then YOU must visit the "Haunted Seaport" at the Tuckerton Seaport! The "Haunted Seaport" kicks off tonight (Thur) and runs through the weekend.
Is it Gravy or Sauce [POLL]
Today is National Pasta Day. It's the day to indulge and show love for this delicious Italian food.
Something Scary in Your Breakfast Bowl!
Growing up it was always fun at Halloween to get Count Chocula, Frankenberry and BooBerry....but now I spotted additional Halloween breakfast cereals!
Breast Cancer Seminar in Forked River
We continue our coverage of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month with an upcoming seminar that local residents can take part in. Community Medical Center and the J Phillip Citta Regional Cancer Center will host a night to get details on the latest advances in breast cancer and you will have your o…
Find Out How You Can Donate for Hurricane Relief
Our neighbors down South needs us. From Florida to Virginia Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Michael damaged a lot of beautiful areas from houses to schools leaving residents with nothing. We know what this feels like..please help out if you can.
Are YOU Going Pink This Sunday?
The countdown is on to this Sunday's big "Making Strides" Walk 2018 in Point Pleasant Beach. Sue and I are honored once again to help with the festivities, which are a fantastic, positive, loving part of the battle against breast cancer here at the Jersey Shore.
Check Out These Holiday Giants!
I was out with April this past weekend and I spotted some "Huge" Christmas decorations! So I ask "Have the Holidays become TOO BIG?"