Three years ago today, Ocean County received the kind of stunning and sickening news that any community can get - a community police officer was brutally murdered in the line of duty. Lakewood Police Officer Christopher Matlosz was killed in cold blood.

It's truly one of those tragedies that, even as time passes, the communal sense of loss still remains. Hardly a day goes by that you don't see a vehicle in Ocean County with a memorial sticker with Officer Matlosz's badge number on it.

Officer Matlosz's murderer will never see freedom again. The young man effectively ruined a number of lives - that of Officer Matlosz, his family and friends, as well as his own young life - Jahmell Crockam will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

But today we want to focus on the positive - realizing the sacrifices that our police officers make to keep us safe and thanking them for putting their lives on the line every day.

The whole WOBM family would like to take this time to remember Officer Matlosz and honor him for making the ultimate sacrifice in the fight to keep our streets safe.

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