The Lakewood 20-year-old who, authorities say, threatened a shooting rampage if his half-brother was convicted of killing a township police officer, is given five years in New Jersey State Prison for three convictions.

Raheem Montgomery's sentence applies to his convictions this year for unlawful possession of a loaded handgun in a motor vehicle and possession of a controlled dangerous substance, as well as a 2012 conviction for knowing violating firearms regualtory provisions. He has one year of parole eligibility.

The five-year term runs concurrently with a three-year sentence for possession of Xanas and a 364-day jail term for probation violation.

According to the office of Ocean County Prosecutor Joseph Coronato, the origin of Montgomery's 2012 charge was his threat of a shooting spree at Lakewood High School if Jahmell Crockam was found guilty of the death of Officer Christopher Matlosz. Investigators obtained a warrant to search his room, say officials, and found a handgun.

Crockam is serving two life sentences for the deaths of Matlosz and Justin Williams.