Have Coffee With A Cop In Wall Next Week
One of the unfortunate realities of life is the fact that a lot of the times that we interact with police, it's not always laid back and relaxing.
But a shore town wants to change that next week, as they invite community members to kick back and have "Coffee with a Cop".
Fundraiser To Support Our Men and Women in Blue
We often wonder what we can do to show we support for our men and women in blue and here's a chance to do just that. There will be an additional fundraiser for Toms River Police Officer and Brick Township resident Brett Hansen. Off...
Jackson police save two lives in one day
For many of us, rescuing two people from death's door in a single day would be the most memorable day of our lives. For police, it's part of the territory and it's the reward of intense training, as four officers could have attested on February 17.
Act of Kindness Leaves Freehold Officer Humbled
Police officers put their lives on the line every single day and sometimes those in uniform don't get recognized for the important work that they do for our communities.
Freehold Borough Police Officer Reugger was flagged down by an unidentified man and was presented with a letter for his depart…

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