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It's a growing trend especially during the social distancing of COVID 19. We're talking about "Fairy Dusting" and now you can get "dusted" by Shawn and Sue.

"Dusting" is a fun activity that many are taking part in. In fact, April and I were recently "dusted" by some nice neighbors in our hometown.

"Dusting" involves getting a fun goody bag from a secret friend. You can get all kinds of things and it's just a nice way for you to get a special surprise during these tough times.

If you would like to be a part of our "dusting" it's really simple to do. Simply fill out the form below. Be sure to include your name and address and who knows, maybe you will get a fun surprise on your doorstep from Shawn & Sue.

All "dustings" will be done safely and will follow social distancing protocols. 

Plus, everyone who enters to get 'dusted' will also be in the running for a complimentary air duct cleaning courtesy of Breathe Easy Air Duct Cleaning, helping you breathe easier and healthier – eliminating the air-born germs that can be trapped in your home!

Ready to enter for a dusting, plus a chance at a free air duct cleaning to keep the dust OUT of your home? Fill out the form below to get started!

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