ROUND 2: Best Pizza in Ocean and Monmouth County
PIZZA  it's one of our favorites and everyone agrees we have the BEST pizza here in Ocean & Monmouth Counties. It's just a fact we have some really fantastic pizza joints here at the Jersey Shore. My kids in California always say they miss "real" pizza from h…
ROUND 2: Best Pizza in Ocean and Monmouth County
It's time for round 2 with our TOP 10 as we continue to search for the "best" pizza in Ocean and Monmouth Counties. Listeners have been voting on the FREE 92.7 WOBM App and we now have the TOP 10! Vote now to get your favorite to the TOP 5 and then we will see who our winner is!
Vote For Your Favorite Christmas Carol
Although the schools will not be facing off exclusively this year, we are still going to have a Christmas singing competition. The "Tinsel Trophy" will go to whoever wins the popular vote for their best Christmas Carol.

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