Winner Winner Chicken Dinner in Brick Township, New Jersey! That’s right Royal Farms is getting closer to opening and that means their famous fried chicken is getting closer to your table!

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Royal Farms is really coming together now and its latest location on Route 88 in Brick Township now has signs saying "coming soon" and from the looks of it, that is very true. One thing I noticed passing by the Brick location this week is that it is a big building for a gas station. I understand they have food and other items but it just seems from the outside to be very large lol I must admit I have never been to a Royal I'm not sure why the size. Is there indoor dining?

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Shawn Michaels


Below is a photo from January when work began on the new Royal Farms on Route 88 in Brick Township. It's come a long way from clearing the lot last winter.

If you are not familiar with Royal Farms, it is owned by Cloverdale Farms and began in 1959. Besides convenience items and gasoline, Royal Farms is known for fried chicken....that's right fried chicken and some say it's the best! Currently, they are hosting "Chicken Palooza" ... have YOU ever had their chicken? if so is it that good? let us know your review of Royal Farms chicken and yes I will be doing a taste test.


Shawn Michaels


Shawn Michaels


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