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Shawn Michaels

One of the things we can do, on a positive note during the COVID 19 Pandemic, is to re-organize our homes. This gives you a new look and feel to many rooms in your home.

This past weekend we decided at home to re-organize one room in our home....the room I think needed it most. What room in your home needs a "re-do" most? In our case it turned out to be our garage. In our case the room with the least attention. Our garage wasn't a disaster, yet, but it needed some re-organization and purging to get it back in 100 % shape.

I don't claim to be a "master" re-organizer, but here are a few things I did to make my life easier and more efficient when it came to re-organizing our garage. First I moved our cars out of the driveway. We have a drive through driveway that is rather large and both April's car and mine fir with plenty of room to spare. So after moving the cars I grabbed by regular "garbage" can & our "recycle" can and set them up in the driveway. This way as I work, garbage goes right out and recycling goes right into it's proper spot.

My next move was to bring anything in question (would is stay or go) out onto the driveway so it's out of the garage and I can review. I also was able to clean in the areas that were opened up. From this point it was simple. Reorganize, discard, re-cycle, clean and finish.

All in all I eliminated a lot of un-needed items and keep ones I do need and organize them in a way to save space and make them easier to use. Case in point, I re-organized my tools and set up a new dedicated area for all my tools etc. so I can find and use without the "garage search" that was beginning to happen.

Hopefully some of my suggestions help you, but bottom line ....while your social distancing why not re-organize, clean and make most of your home.

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