One of the things my Wife loves during Autumn is the "smell" of Fall. She enjoys cinnamon, caramel, coffee, nutmeg etc etc you get the drift. If your not familiar with candle/tarts it's simply candle wax that you melt and it gives off wonderful scents as it cooks. Below is one of the "melter/pot" that we have at home.


Shawn Michaels


Problem is that not all candle/tarts are equal. Some have better scent and last longer. Another problem is selection and availability. Stores that used to sell the cadle/tarts just don't anymore. So we are running out of options. So this blog may help out listeners as well as my Family. We were out shopping today and noticed our usual spot is running out and may not be re-stocking.

So our question is .... where is the best place here at the Shore to get a good selection of tarts ?