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April and I were driving all over Ocean County this past weekend and one thing we deal with every winter into spring .....potholes and we saw our fair share of them in our travels.

Nothing worse then your vehicle slamming threw a few good holes in the road and your front end feeling like it's gonna fall off.

So I thought we could do each other a favor by nominating a road with the worst potholes .... this way we all are warned and maybe Township and County Officials will see and work on as well.

So tell us the road YOU think in Ocean County has the worst pothole problem. My nominee has to be Route 9 and that can be anywhere from Lakewood to Little Egg Harbor.

Here are some comments from Shawn & Sue's Listeners ....

  • Sean: All of em on LBI on the Beach Haven side
  • Sharon: Garden State Parkway
  • Andrea: All in Beachwood!!!
  • Nancy: All of Rt 9 in Lakewood and Rt 70 west of Lakehurst Circle
  • Autumn: Tuckerton side of Center street, terrible!
  • Rae: Route 166
  • Gail:  Long Beach Boulevard
  • Terry: Just drive through Jackson..lol

What Road Do YOU Nominate For Worst Pothole Road?

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