Ok, first let me say I do not have pink flamingos. Not that I'm against them, it's just not our thing. However, recently I was shopping when I spotted these. Yes, Halloween Flamingos!

The birds look dead. I guess that's what they were going for, and they glow in the dark, but I think this is a bit much. Flamingos are for summer, correct? And cute. These are completely different.

So this leads me to ask YOU a few questions:

  • Do YOU have pink flamingos in your yard as summer decor?
  • Do YOU think YOU would put Halloween flamingos out?
  • Is this pushing Halloween a bit too far?

Share your thoughts, maybe you can convince me to grab some, but don't hold your breath!

By the way - If you are wondering I spotted these wacky birds at the Christmas Tree Shop.

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