This weekend the Jersey Shore will "Spring Ahead" and gain extra sunlight with Daylight Savings Time returning. Residents will set their clocks ahead 1 hour before going to bed this Saturday Night (3/12/22)

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It always feels closer to spring when we move that clock back an hour, giving us the extra daylight at the end of our day. Longer days mean more activities and things to do after school and work. I always love the first Sunday of "Daylight Savings" because it won't get dark till after 7 pm. It's the end of the dark days of winter and a move towards spring and nice weather and getting outdoors.

It's really going to be hiking time again with better weather and more daylight, can't wait to be out and getting in those steps and seeing New Jersey again. Be sure to check my page Hiking NJ and see the various trips we have made around the Graden State.

According to "Household Management 101"  here are some other things you should do when we change the clocks this weekend ...

  1. Change Batteries In Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  2. Flip Your Mattress
  3. Wash Your Pillows
  4. Take Stock of Your Medicine Cabinet and Pantry
  5. Clean Your Fridge
  6. Vacuum Out Your Dryer Vents & Ducts
  7. Replace Filters Around The House
  8. Clean Your Oven
  9. Check Your Emergency/First Aid Kit


I prefer longer days with daylight till 9 pm lol I've always felt that the "spring" time change is the best because it just makes it feel closer to Summer.


Which Do You Prefer ... More or Less Sun? Do you love long days of Spring and Summer or Prefer Cozy Dark Fall & Winter Nights?


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