This is nice two great restaurants in one location in Brick Township! Now that's a nice combination of two different taste styles. So let's look at what's cooking in Brick. It's the combination of Tres and Rosalita's both located at 1048 Cedar Bridge Ave in Brick Township.


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I flipped a coin and will start with Tre. According to their website, "Tre offers an affordable casual Italian menu featuring the best fresh artisanal ingredients for their classically prepared dishes. Using an old world brick oven, customers will enjoy authentic Neapolitan style pizza, and an extensive selection of craft beer and wine." Looking over their menu at Tre I think I will start with their fried calamari for starters. Then the grilled pork chop and cannoli and coffee for dessert.


Next, let's look at Rosalita's. According to their website, "Rosalita’s Roadside Cantina serves fresh, casual Mexican cuisine in a fun, festive atmosphere. We have become known for our fresh salads, giant burritos, tacos, enchiladas, sizzling fajitas, and our famous margarita selection." For Rosalita's, I'll start with the Guacamole appetizer. Then I'll go for the Cali Burrito platter. For dessert let's go with the Apple Empanada or the Tres Leche.


Two great tastes (Italian and Mexican) together in one spot here in Ocean County. If you have stopped by let us know which side you went to. Maybe both? What did you try and what did you like? Give us your review and recommendations. Post your comments below. I am looking forward to a visit myself.


Both Tre and Rosalita's are not chain restaurants their food ingredients are locally sourced and they have specials every week.


Brick Township


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