Yikes, it's going to be the year of the cicadas.

Spring 2024 will bring two different kinds of cicadas. One will be a 13 year cycle and the other is a 17 year cycle of the cicadas. These bugs will come from the underground in a rare, event that occurred in 1803, Wow, according to nbcnews.com.

So what does this mean for New Jersey and the Cicada invasion?

From nbcnewyork.com: "Not too much this year, fortunately. The next brood of cicadas isn't expected to emerge from the ground in the Garden State until Summer 2025, though there may be some stragglers that come out a year early that you could see (and hear) then."

These things we use everyday are just the right noise to bring out the nearby Cicadas, making them louder and come out even more.

*a lawn mower

*a weed wacker

*a blower

*a tree or bush trimmer

Maybe take a break from yard work, that's not a bad thing?

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The areas where the cicadas will really be able to be heard are in the states of Wisconsin, Ohio, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Louisiana, North Carolina, Virginia and Maryland.

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So, what exactly is a cicada? According to Wikipedia, cicadas are large insects with loud noise? What's the difference between a cicada and a locust? According to google, Cicadas have big, clear wings and a rounded body. Locusts are a bit smaller and have a slim, straight body, with big hind legs. Cicadas are known for the loud sound they make.

For some reason I always thought the locust made the loud noise, but the cicadas are much louder. Cicadas will start coming out sometime in spring. Sometime between mid-April and the end of April and will be around for all of the summer months.

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