Burglaries at homes on Roosevelt Avenue and Wheaton Avenue, warrants out for three peoples arrests and three people using heroin at Berkeley Plaza are just the beginning of the story for Township Police in the last week.

Drug Bust:

The Berkeley Gardens Apartments have been closely monitored for drug activity but now so is the Route 9 corridor that has the Berkeley Plaza in its sights.

Detectives were combing the area around the Berkeley Gardens December 13 when they saw three people gathering together with the intent of using heroin.

As a result, Jeni McDaniel, 28, Caroline Wilson, 52, and Therese Hartmann, 50, all of Lacey Township were found with multiple wax folds of suspected heroin before their arrests and trip to the police station where they were charged with possession and released in accordance with the Bail Reform Act.

Berkeley PD will continue keeping their eye on this corridor of Route 9 and ask that if you see some suspicious activity to give them a ring on the tip line at 732-341-1132 extension 611.

The Berkeley Township Detective Bureau conducts these investigations in areas that are reported by the public as possible drug areas.


In a span of two days last week, two burgaries took place but in only one of those probes were suspects apprehended.

Police responded to a home on Roosevelt Avenue and discovered the house was unlawfully entered into during the day and the thief grabbed some valuable items and left.

Nobody was home at the time. Anyone with information on the incident or can identify any possible suspects is asked to call the police tip line.

A second reported burglary took place around 9:10 pm on December 15 at a home on Wheaton Avenue where Matt Hawk, 28, of Bayville and Nicholas Massimi, 24, of Seaside Heights were later charged for their roles in the heist.

Hawk and Massimi were confronted by the homeowner once they allegedly found their way inside before they bolted from the home on foot.

After being found and arrested, they've been charged with burglary and theft for that incident but Massimi, who police say was untruthful with his name faces additional charges that stem from drug related warrants from the Seaside Heights Municipal Court for possession of marijuana.

Both were brought to the Ocean County Jail in accordance with the Bail Reform Act.

Warrant Arrests:

Justin Burlew, 36, of Beachwood was placed in handcuffs December 14 for failing to appear in court in Tinton Falls resulting in a warrant for him worth $500.00.

He was released on his own recognizance by Tinton Falls Police.

Kyle Lambone, 26, of Bayville was arrested December 16 on a traffic warrant issued by the Berkeley Township Municipal Court.

He posted the $350.00 bail and was released.

Michale A. Mele, 27, of Bayville was placed into custody on December 17 due to outstanding warrants with a total of $1,179.00 from the Berkley Township Municipal Court.

It was Lacey Police who turned Mele over to BTPD for processing before he was transported to the Ocean County Jail.

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