Yesterday when I got home from work my Daughter was getting ready to watch a movie .... Titanic. I haven't seen Titanic in years so I sat down to watch a couple of minutes ... three hours later we watched poor Jack turn into a popsicle. Now the thing that struck me off guard yesterday was when Erin told me that Titanic was almost 20 years old!! Twenty years old! Two decades old! Titanic is older than she is! It seems like that movie just came out. I remember Celine's "My Heart Will Go On" being on the air with us almost everyday ... how could Titanic be 20 years old. By the way what a movie ... launching the careers of both Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.


One of my fondest memories of when this blockbuster came out was an interview that I did , with my then partner Lisa Leonard, with one the last living survivors of the Titanic. She told us of how a stranger threw her overboard into a lifeboat after she was separated from her Mother ... and survived. I cannot find "audio" from that interview, it was before the age of blogging ... but I'd love to find that interview.


Do you remember going to the movies to see Titanic ? Nearly Twenty years ago  ....


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