This is an intriguing topic "slang" from around America. Things we say here in Jersey, which we know, seem odd to other states and vice-versa. Slacker did an article about the most "infamous" slang words from each state. Kinda fun to see the terms from other states and maybe even learn a thing or two.


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According to Stacker, "The United States is a vast and diverse nation with a huge assortment of languages and dialects. It's perhaps no surprise, then, that in a country with at least 350 languages, you find a great deal of variation in the slang terms—some of which are downright strange." So let's look at a few examples from outside New Jersey and learn about these "slang" terms.

Alaska: "going Outside" - When You Leave The State to Travel Elsewhere.

Illinois: "woo wap da bam" - it's like Chicago's version of "Yadda Yadda" or "So On and So Forth" etc.

Kentucky: "burgoo" - It's a Kentucky stew. Does anything sound tasty when you add "goo"? lol

Maine: "cunnin" - simply means something cute.

Nebraska: "Der Viener Schlinger" - it's a gun that shoots hot dogs into the crowd at University of Nebraska football games.

North Dakota: "eating puppy chow" - a snack made of Chex smothered in peanut butter, chocolate, and powdered sugar.

Rhode Island: "No School Fostah, Glosatah" - this is funny, according to Stacker "from an old radio DJ named Salty Brine. He would read the school closures over the airwaves, which almost always meant no school for the Foster-Glocester district, where snowfall was particularly heavy." Maybe I'll change my name to Salty Brine lol Jan Baborák Jan Baborák


So what about here in New Jersey? According to Stacker, the term that was selected for us is "jughandle". Yup, the annoying way we turn around is something that fascinates others around America who don't have to do it, they simply make U-Turns lol "Few places in the United States outside New Jersey recognize the word "jughandle" because few places feature the awkward traffic ramps." So yes we are stuck with the jughandle. Do you have another "Jersey" term you'd nominate? Post your thoughts below.





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