☀️HOT! Could We See Record Heat This Summer In New Jersey?☀️

The unofficial start to the Summer of 2024 is just a few weeks away when we get to Memorial Day Weekend (Friday, May 24th through Monday, May 27th). Hard to believe Summer is getting that close and the question is how will the weather be here in New Jersey? According to some of the latest reports we could be seeing record heat, so are you ready for a hot one here in the Garden State?


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According to a recent Patch article, "According to a recently released forecast from The Weather Channel, Garden State residents can expect an abnormally hot summer in 2024. In fact, long-range models and climate trends indicate it could be one of the hottest summers on record."



Are you a heat lover? Some folks love those "dog days of summer", while others look for relief. Right now folks are complaining that it's been a very cold spring with temperatures in the 30's in the morning hours. We have had several frost warnings in the past week and people keep saying "Where is spring"?


New Jersey's Hottest Summer and Coldest Winter

According to Wikipedia, "The highest recorded temperature in the state of New Jersey was 110° on July 10, 1936 in Runyon and the lowest was -34°F in River Vale on January 5, 1904."


So how do you feel about possibly the hottest summer coming up this year here in New Jersey? Are you a sun lover or will you be counting the days until Halloween? Post your comments below and let us know. Enjoy spring because you may turn for days like this in just a couple of weeks.



Hot Summer


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